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APS regional elections 2019


We are delighted to announce that the following members have been voted in as committee members in this year's regional elections.

The new committees will be in place from the first of October this year. The term of office is three years.  After three years in post, members need to stand for re-election.

New committee members

Northern Ireland: Valerie Robinson

Northern England:John Johnson

North West England: James Malone

South West England: Duncan Soper

Members who have been re-elected

Scotland East:

  • Graeme Smith
  • Clive Wilmott
  • Euan McKie

Scotland West:

  • Calum Bunce

Northern Ireland

  • Sean Maguire
  • John Murray
  • Syd Magill

Northern England

  • Russ Charnock


  • Mike Stowell
  • Ray Bone
  • Richard Ellis

North West England

  • Derek Bradshaw


  • Nattasha Freeman
  • Martin Emery

East Midlands

  • Paul Swales
  • David Matthews
  • Bill Evans
  • Mark Richards


  • Mark Snelling
  • Paul Bussey
  • James Paul Howard
  • Philip Baker
  • Rebecca Weir

South East England

  • Roy Blamey
  • Alan Seddon
  • James Addley

South Central England

  • Phil Christoper
  • Robert Allfrey

APS regional elections 2020

The next regional elections will take place in the summer of 2020.  All APS members will be given the chance to be nominated for election and to vote for their regional committee members.  Look out for information here, in Project Safety Matters, on Linked in and via email.