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Afternoon ​Session: Effective Design Risk Management: making expert advice count

Effective Design Risk Management: making expert advice count, Sue Farmer – Miradorus Ltd

Delegates will leave the session better equipped to maximise impact and influence in their roles as Principal Designer, Specialist Consultant or Specialist Adviser. The session will look explore various challenges faced by those seeking to make a positive impact on design and construction risk management standards, including

  • Coordinating, extracting information, managing conflict within design teams
  • Persuading clients, contractors, designers
  • Engaging with the disinterested / hostile

Speaker: Sue Farmer

Sue will get you talking about the issues that matter. An accomplished communicator, Sue readily applies her years of ‘hands-on’ experience and excellent people leadership skills to develop individuals and achieve extraordinary results in both the product and service arenas. Whether you need to resolve or deliver a new strategy, integrate processes, embed a new team, resolve business issues or hit shareholder targets, Sue can help your business improve its performance.

At each session Sue will adapt the training methods, based on your feedback, constantly re-evaluating the model to improve business performance through effective communication, strategic focus and implementation, innovation, team building and conflict resolution.

A successful team is not just continually lucky – they know what to do, when to do it, who to do it with and how to do it. Developing people and empowering them to reach their true potential is at the core of what Miradorus and Sue believe in.

CPD Points: 6