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Our vision

Our mission is to continuously strive to improve and promote the professional practice of design and construction health and safety risk management by:

  • Setting standards;
  • Raising performance;
  • Providing guidance;
  • Educating and training; and
  • Working in partnership with others
  • with the aim of construction workers and others returning home safely.
Our vision statement


"A safe, healthy and sustainable built environment"

Our strategy

Our aims are set out clearly in our 2015-2019 strategy, you can download them to find out more.

Our corporate objectives

We have five core objectives that we strive to fulfill:

  • To strengthen and refresh member skills and competence; 
  • To increase advocacy and have more impact;
  • To grow membership numbers and our range of services;
  • To work in partnership with other institutions and stakeholders;
  • To strengthen our infrastructure, resources and governance. 
HSE's support for our vision

In his presentation to the APS Conference on Wednesday 7 October 2015, the HSE Head of Construction, Peter Baker, told us that he had "read and agreed with the APS strategy”.


We welcome HSE's support. Richard Wilks, APS Past President, discusses this further in his blog. 


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