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Our regions, council, staff and board


We have 16 Regions covering the whole of the United Kingdom.

Each regional committee is made up of at least 4 APS members, elected by their Regional Membership, of which one will be elected as Chairman.

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The Board of Directors

The Directors are responsible for managing the business and affairs of APS and provide our Council with reports on the implementation of the policies and strategy.


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The APS Council

The functions of the Council are to: 


  • determine policies and advise the Directors on strategic issues;
  • keep under review the delivery of our strategy within the Regions;
  • ensure that the Directors are aware of the interests and concerns of members.

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The APS Team

The staff are responsible for the day-to-day running of APS.


They are dedicated to providing an excellent service to Members, stakeholders and others.


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Memorandum and articles

View a copy of our current memorandum and articles.

Code of Conduct

View our Code of Conduct for APS Members - updated by the Governance Committee.


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