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About the National CDM Awards

The closing date for entries to the APS National CDM and Student Designer Awards has now passed.

The shortlist will be out in July.   

The categories are listed on the right side of this page.

About the awards

The awards are judged by leading industry figures and showcase innovation and exemplary practice in design and construction health and safety risk management.. They are also an opportunity to highlight the crucial importance of this work by demonstrating how best practice can have a huge impact in reducing the number of workers who lose their lives, suffer life-changing injuries or are affected by long term health problems.

The awards ceremony will take place on the Wednesday 12 September at the Stoller Hall in Manchester. We welcome submissions from individuals and project teams from any background, no matter how big or small the company. Submissions should relate to work primarily carried out during 2017, or for an example of organisational change where the majority of effort or impact took place in the calendar year 2017.

Key dates 

Deadline date:                        Monday  4 June 2018

Shortlisting                            July 2018

Awards Ceremony:               Wednesday 12 September 2018 at the Stoller Hall in Manchester


Category: Health safety and wellbeing

This award recognises initiatives that have successfully advanced health, safety or wellbeing standards. Entries are welcome from across the construction health and safety sector and the focus of interest can be at any scale. For example, the initiative could be at the level of project, organisation or theme. Judges are looking for work that illustrates creative and effective approaches to raising standards. Applicants must be able to show how the initiative’s impact has been measured.

Category: CDM consultant of the year

A competent consultant provides technically accurate, clear and proportionate support services to construction duty holders.  Consultants can improve health and safety outcomes associated with all phases of projects (pre-construction, construction, maintenance & use, demolition) and their input might be associated with management arrangements, specific technical or design risk challenges or performance monitoring. For this award, judges are looking for work that showcases the best in support services.

Category: Designer of the year

The “principles of prevention” should be at the heart of good design practice.  As far as reasonably practicable, designers eliminate, reduce or control risks associated with the construction, maintenance and use of their designs – this includes taking an effective and proportionate approach to sharing information about residual risk with others.  For this award, judges are looking for examples of design decisions (at any scale) that showcase the range of creative, technical, communication and process skills associated with addressing health and safety alongside other factors influencing design (such as aesthetics, cost, environment etc.). 

Category: Principal designer of the year

An effective principal designer plans, manages, coordinates and monitors health and safety issues in the pre-construction phase.  For this award, judges are looking for a project that showcases proportionate and effective design risk management (taking into account buildability, maintainability and usability issues) and the effective engagement of all relevant parties.