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APS elections 2017

The annual elections for your regional committees will take place at the end of June.    

Nominations period: ends next Tuesday 30th May at midnight

The nominations period opened on Tuesday 2nd May.   This is the period when APS members can put themselves forward for election onto the APS Regional Committees. 

There's still time to get your nominations in.  If you haven't received the form by email, you can download it on the right-hand side of this page.


You can only be nominated for your own regional committee.   

To be nominated you must be an APS retired, associate, IMaPS, CMaPS or fellow member

Your nominees must be 3 APS members who are a retired, associate, IMaPS, CMaPS or Fellow member.  They do not need to be from the region you intend to stand for.

What happens

We will send out a nominations form to all members.  If you wish to stand for election you tell us the the names of the three members who are nominating you.  You will also need to provide a supporting statement describing why APS members should vote for you and how you will contribute to the regional committee you wish to be elected on to.

The nominations period closes on Tuesday 30th May, when the names of your nominees and your supporting statement must be returned to us

Election period

Thursday 29th June to Friday 14th July 


APS members who are retired, associate, IMaPS, CMaPS or Fellow members are eligible to vote.

You can still vote if you are standing for election but you can’t vote for yourself.

What happens

A digital ballot paper will be sent out to each member on the Thursday 29th June.   Members vote for the regional committee in their own region only.  The ballot paper must be filled out and submitted by the Friday 14th July when the voting closes. 

The new regional committees are announced: Wednesday 26th July

Make enquiries about the process
Regional elections: hear from current regional committee members
Nomination form

Download our nomination form.  Scanned copies can be emailed to rosalind.grozier@aps.org.uk or mailed to us for attention of Rosalind Grozier - 5 Newmart Place, Edinburgh,EH14 1RW.